Fiddes has a long, proud history of caring for wood that began with the founder, Albert Fiddes, in the United Kingdom in the early part of last century and continues to this day.

Through nearly 100 years and four generations, the name Fiddes has become synonymous with quality not only in the UK, but across Europe, Asia and the USA through a network of established, appointed distributors. Fiddes has always had a progressive outlook, and today operates from modern, purpose built premises, utilizing the very latest technology to develop and produce a wide selection of woodfinishes from the very finest raw materials available.

Fiddes have adopted a policy of continual investment in both people and technology, striving to provide the most complete and competitive package of products and services for the wood coating industry. This policy of reinvestment has provided Fiddes with the opportunity to offer their clients the highest standards of quality and service (ISO:9001), whilst also remaining competitive in the market place.


Fiddes….For Over 4 Generations


Fiddes has a long, proud history of caring for wood that began in the United Kingdom during the early part of last century and continues to this day. Originally manufacturing paints and distempers to the joinery and building market, Albert Fiddes moved from Bristol to Cardiff, eventually purchasing and converting a stable block, that was to manufacture various wood finishes for the next 30 years.


After the war, the Company quickly developed into manufacturing specialist wood finishes, and by 1950 had become a major supplier to the furniture & antique restoration market supplying Wax Polish, Lacquer, Shellac and Wood Dyes.


Continuing to Manufacture and distribute from the old stables in Trade St, Cardiff, Fiddes traditional range of French Polish, Wood Dyes and Varnishes developed through to a wider range of wood coatings. By the late 1960’s Fiddes introduced a new quick drying wax polish, that was to lead to the development of the Supreme Wax Polish over 20 years later.



By the early 1970’s, Fiddes continued to develop their portfolio of wood finishes using the very finest raw materials available. Ian Fiddes was instrumental in establishing the Fiddes brand in the UK through absolute dedication, and often lectured on wood finishing at various Colleges both in the UK and abroad.


The 80’s saw a rapid expansion of the antique pine furniture market, and the launch of Fiddes Supreme Wax both in the UK and internationally With demand from both the UK and overseas becoming ever stronger, a new manufacturing facility was required.

Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish quickly established itself as the new market leading finish for pine furniture, both in the UK, USA and Europe. New premises were acquired, and remained their manufacturing and distribution base for the next 15 years.


However, at the height of the market in February 1997, a huge fire destroyed over 70% of the existing premises, and a policy of reconstruction was swiftly undertaken.

Although devastating at the time, the support from local businesses and manufacturers ensured that Fiddes continued to fulfill their obligations. Within 18 months the new factory was completed, and a fully automated production facility opened.


The new millennium saw the development of new markets both in the UK and internationally. The demand for Waterborne coatings had increased, particularly into the flooring sector. Emphasis was placed to formulate a durable, quick drying Hard Wax Oil as a viable alternative to the more traditional floor oils on the market.

A new range of glass coatings were also developed for the sublimation and decorative glass industry, and are successfully supplied to various beverage and cosmetic coating plants worldwide

Fiddes are proud to retain a progressive outlook, having recently secured ISO 9001 accreditation, continuing a policy of high investment in manufacturing & utilizing the very latest technology to develop and produce a comprehensive range of both specialist and traditional Wood, Floor & Glass coatings.


Fiddes-USA was established as the North American importer for Fiddes products.  Located in Raleigh, NC.  most products are stocked for immediate delivery to retail and trade establishments.