Water Soluble Powder Stains

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A range of fine water based crystal and powder dyes, traditionally used  by Antique Restorers as a reactive stain, to add strong yet subtle depth of colour. Dissolved in warm water to create steeped solution.

White Tint
Burnt Sienna
White Tint
Burnt Turkey Umber
White Tint
Brown Umber
White Tint
Bright Yellow
White Tint
Flake White
White Tint
Mineral Black
White Tint
Red Lead Colour
White Tint
Raw Sienna
White Tint
Raw Umber
White Tint
Venitian Red
White Tint
Yellow Ochre

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Sand the wooden substrate in stages, working with a medium sandpaper (120 grit), through to a medium / fine grade (180 –220 grit). Always sand in the direction of the grain pattern where possible, ensuring the removal of any blemishes and glue residue prior to the application of Fiddes Wood Dyes. Take care to remove all traces of sanding dust and test the chosen Fiddes Wood Dye on a similar substrate to verify colour / shade.

Stir the contents well and always check the shade before application.


Cloth, Brush, Sponge. Mix with warm water until completely dissolved.

Dry Time

30 minutes at room temperature.


16 sqm per Litre (depending on substrate and method of application)


1 coat – further coats will deepen colour / shade.


1Kg containers.

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