Crackle Lacquer


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Creates a distressed, vintage finish for interior wood furniture and accessories.Crackle Lacquer is a reactive process. Individual results will vary due to film thickness, application method, ambient temperatures and substrate.

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Weight 1 kg

Prepare the surface of the item to be painted so that it is clean and dry. Apply a coat of you choice of first coloured emulsion paint and leave to dry thoroughly.

Brush the Crackle Lacquer over the entire surface and leave to dry. A dryer can be used to speed the process at this stage.

Quickly and evenly paint a second colour emulsion over the surface. Cracks will start to appear, again a dryer can be used to vary the size of the cracking from ladder to small mosaic cracks.

Finish with a coat of Fiddes Supreme Wax (Clear) to protect and nourish.


1 Litre

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