Woodgrain Paste Filler


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Fiddes range of Thixotropic Grainfillers are manufactured from lead free pigments, synthetic resins and organic clays. Ideal for filling grain following base staining, prior to application of Lacquer, Wax, Shellac or Polyurethane top coats.

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Weight 4.5 kg

Sand substrate to required level and apply Fiddes Grainfiller across the grain, applying pressure to ensure any air trapped in the grain is displaced and replaced with Grainfiller. A thin coat of Transparent Polish may be applied prior to application if required.

Leave Grainfiller for a few minutes and take a clean cloth, dampened with White Spirit, and rub across the grain to ensure all traces of Grainfiller are removed from the surface, and left in the grain as required. Thin if required with White Spirit.
Leave 12 hours to dry, and sand very lightly taking care not to remove the Grainfiller from the grain during this process.


Medium Mahogany, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Light Mahogany, Walnut, Teak

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