Burnishing Cream


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Fiddes Burnishing Cream is ideal for reviving dull, tired finishes and removing superficial blemishes and scratches on interior wood.

Cleans, revives and rejuvenates finishes such as French Polish, lacquers and varnishes.  Can also be used to remove haze and bloom in certain areas.


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Take a clean cotton cloth and lightly apply with a small circular motion, working well into the surface. To obtain a uniform coverage, always wipe evenly, taking care to lightly remove any excess Burnishing Cream immediately with a separate, clean absorbent cloth, again following the direction of the grain pattern. Leave to dry for 10-15 minutes, and buff off. Best results are achieved when applied sparingly, and worked in small areas at any one time.

Dry Time

10-15 minutes at room temperature.


16 sqm per Litre ( depending on substrate and method of application )


1 coat, a second application is recommended where further surface cleaning is required