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Formulated to offer a white, base colour on bare wood, Fiddes Supreme Liming Paste produces a traditional ‘Limed’ finish, normally associated with period oak furniture. Fiddes Liming Paste is ideal for application on woods such as oak, or those which normally exhibit distinctive deep grain pattern. On application, Fiddes Liming Paste fills the open wood pores, offering contrasting white tone and emphasizing the grain across the whole surface area, typical of a traditional ‘Limed’ finish.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Sand the wooden substrate in stages, working with a medium sandpaper ( 120 grit ), through to a medium / fine grade ( 180 –220 grit ). Always sand in the direction of the grain pattern where possible, ensuring the removal of any blemishes and glue residue prior to the application of Fiddes Supreme Liming Paste.
Take a clean wire brush and drag lightly along the grain to open pores and emphasize grain pattern.

Apply across the grain liberally with a lint free cotton cloth.
Take a damp cloth and wipe across the grain ensuring that the Liming Paste remains in the open pores of the grain. Do not allow the Liming Paste to dry. Lightly sand, again with the grain. Repeat process if a more intense limed finish is required.
Finish with Fiddes Hard Wax Oil, Clear Glaze, Shellac or Spay Lacquers. A final application of Fiddes Liming Wax will enhance the limed effect.

Dry Time

10 -15 minutes at room temperature


16 sqm per Litre ( depending on substrate and method of application )


1 coat – further coats will increase limed effect



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