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Supplied as either Transfer or Loose Gold Leaf, Transfer for flatter surfaces and Loose via a gilders brush for more intricate areas.

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Weight 0.2 kg

Sand lightly, the surface must be non porous and primed correctly. Ensure surface is clean and free from grease.

Apply the Gold Size to the substrate, evenly and wait until there remains a physical 'tack' to the surface. Do not apply the Gold Leaf when wet.

For Loose Leaf, carefully remove/lift from booklet using gilders tip pr brush and lay into indicate areas gently to avoid creasing and splitting of the leaf.
For Transfer leaf, remove a single sheet from the booklet, lay face down on the substrate and gently rub until transfer is complete. Subsequent applications should overlap by approximately 2mm.

Allow to dry overnight. Brush lightly to burnish to desired sheen level.


Transfer, Loose"

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